Designing The Right Solar Panel Systems For Your Commercial Site

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Are you tired of expensive electricity bills and looking for a reliable and effective solution for that? Or maybe you are worried about increasing taxes on energy resources and want to have a renewable source of energy for your business. If so, stop struggling because we are here to give you a detailed account of your ultimate solution, solar panel installation. So, let’s get started!

Commercial Solar Systems – A Quick Rundown

A solar panel, also known as an electric panel or photovoltaic module, is a device that converts light energy from the sun into electricity that can be used as a power load. A solar panel has a collection of multiple photovoltaic cells spread all over its surface. These cells capture the photons that are renewable energy resources and convert them into electricity.

4 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Panels

1. Size of the Panels:

The measurement of the panels is an essential feature that solely depends upon two factors; your roof size and sunlight angles. Your roof size will determine how many panels can be laid on your roof, this has implications for the amount of solar power that can be generated. The angle of sunlight in relation to your solar panels is critical as this will affect the panels. efficiency and capacity for energy generation. Users in Australia, for example, with southern hemispheres, should position their solar panels to face north for optimal performance.

2. Optimum Efficiency Of The Panels:

Optimum efficiency refers to the capability of solar panels to capture and convert solar energy from sunlight into a usable power resource. A good solar panel will not only charge your batteries faster but will also save you money on your electricity bills. But how do you know how effective your solar panels are? A panel’s average efficiency should sit between 15 to 16%. If a panel’s average efficiency is between the range of 17-19%, this is considered to be above average. Should a panel have an average efficiency of over 20%, this is considered outstanding.

3. Durability of the Panels

The durability of panels matters the most, especially in locations with extreme climatic conditions like Australia, where windy and stormy rain rule throughout the year. At the time of solar installation, ensure they are resistant to strong winds and have hail protection so that you won’t require maintenance or replacement of the panels too often.

4. The Warranty Period Of Panels:

Make sure your solar panels cover a more extended warranty period for any possible damage, repair, or replacement. Not only for the maintenance and replacement, but the solar panel’s warranty also covers the efficiency ratios of the panels, so if they are not fully functioning, the company will fix the problem.

Things You Need To Know Before Installing Commercial Solar:

Roof Suitability for Commercial Solar Installation

Not every roof or location is suitable for solar installation, especially if you have a shared commercial space or are renting a place and don’t have the authority to permanently change it. Moreover, not every roof can receive photovoltaic effects or bear the weight of the panels. And if the roof is covered with trees or shades, it will eventually affect your panel’s efficiency. Consult a qualified solar panel expert before purchasing the solar panels, and let them inspect your roof first to ensure your investment will be worthwhile.

Solar Panels Working Efficiency

The biggest reason a company installs solar panels is to get a reliable and long-term solution to rising electricity rates. Besides natural disasters and extreme weather, many other reasons can affect your solar panels. working capabilities. In such cases, ensure that your panels? the warranty covers multiple kinds of damage and repairs as well as replacement policies.

Licensed And Expert Solar Panel Installation Companies

Commercial solar installation is certainly not a small investment, so get the services from a licensed and expert installer to get your money’s worth. An experienced solar installer will guide you through the process, from measuring your roof to installing batteries and inverters in a cost-effective manner.

In short, a solar panel installation is undoubtedly not an easy task, and if you don’t want your money and efforts to go to waste, choose a licensed expert and experienced installers like Solar Services Guys for your solar planning. Solar Service Guys have a long history of serving customers and providing them with the best solar installation services in a timely and reliable manner.

So, if you are still looking for solar installation sunshine coast services, schedule your consultation now!

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