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While solar panels are becoming a more common method of producing energy for Australian homes, solar batteries are still a relatively new technology in renewable energy. Even so, more and more people are adding solar batteries to their solar systems for the incredible benefits that they provide.

If you are interested in learning more about solar energy batteries, we have you covered. Here’s a breakdown of how solar batteries work and the benefits they offer homeowners.

What Are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries work in tandem with your solar panels to power your home, even during early morning, and evening hours, or during emergencies. To sum it up, solar batteries allow power generated by your solar panels to be stored for later use.

If you currently have solar panels installed without a battery, the excess electricity that your panels produce is sent back to the grid. But if you introduce a battery, you will be able to keep this electricity for yourself to use when you need it most.

Can I Install A Solar Battery To My System Later?

Solar Batteries

If you haven’t already installed a solar system, you are in the perfect place to add panels and a battery at the same time for the most seamless process. For those who already installed a solar system, solar batteries can still be added at a later time.

The difficulty of adding a battery will depend on your current system and how it was set up to function. An experienced solar power installation company like Solar Service Group can advise you on the best course of action for adding a solar battery to your specific system.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Solar Battery?

You’ll be making the most of your solar power.

With a standard solar setup, if your solar panels happen to not draw enough energy on any given day, your home will switch back to the grid to generate power – which costs money. With a battery installed, you can avoid having to rely on the grid by instead using the excess power that your system had produced at an earlier date.

You can also store your solar power versus sending it back to the grid with a solar battery installed for your home. This gives you more control over your solar power and where and how your excess power is used.

You’ll have emergency security.

In the event of a black-out, your solar battery will give you peace of mind that you can use stored power to keep the lights on in your home. This is especially important for Australians who live in areas where the grid is notorious for being unstable.

Without a battery, your solar system may not have produced enough power to last for however long the grid is down, which can be days or weeks in extreme situations. With a battery installed, you will have greater energy security and power the necessary parts of your home when needed.

You can further reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the main reasons that people install solar systems in their homes is to reduce their environmental impact. However, if your solar system for whatever reason didn’t produce the energy to power your home into the evening, you still have to pull energy from the grid.

Since this energy is produced from fossil fuels, your home will be powered by energy that is damaging to the environment. Instead, with a solar battery, you can power your home with clean energy, maintaining your smaller carbon footprint.

Your electricity bills will cost less.

If your reason for installing solar panels was to save money on electrical bills, a solar battery can add to that investment. If you installed a solar system years ago, you may have disregarded a solar battery due to its high cost, but the cost of batteries keeps on dropping, and the long-term savings that can provide can be worth this initial fee.

Contact Solar Service Group

At SmartTech, we want to make sure that our customers are getting the most out of their solar systems. If you are considering installing a solar battery to your existing system or want more information on purchasing both at the same time, our team is here to help. We can happily answer any questions you may have about solar batteries and help you choose the right one for your home.


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