Winter is in full swing across Australia, which typically brings a flurry of questions about solar systems’ efficiency during these colder months. While it’s no secret that solar systems are most efficient when the sun is highest in the sky and the daylight hours are long, that doesn’t mean that they don’t perform well in winter.

If you are considering making the switch to solar energy, don’t let the idea of winter deter you. Here’s all you need to know about solar systems in the winter and how to maximize their performance.

Do solar panels work in winter?

This is one of the most common questions our team receives regarding our residential solar power systems. The short answer is yes, solar panels work even when it’s below freezing because they convert sunlight into electricity, not heat.

In fact, a solar panel’s efficiency is actually improved in lower temperatures – rather, it’s winter’s shorter sunshine hours that can decrease output from June to August. However, the decrease is not drastic enough to write off using solar power in your home.

Tips For Maximising Solar Systems Efficiency In Winter

Chase the winter sun.

Your solar panels will achieve the highest energy output when they are directly facing the sun. Because the sun is lower in winter, it will hit your solar panels at a different angle than in summer. If you already have your panels installed and they are adjustable, you can tilt your panels during winter to catch the most sun possible.

Check your panels regularly.

Since the days are shorter in winter, you will want to make sure that when your panels do see the sun, they are not obstructed in any way. This includes regularly checking for any leaves, grime, or dirt build-up on your panels. You will also want to observe your panels throughout the day to look out for any branches you may need to trim if they cast a shadow on your panels at any point of the day.

Consider your appliances.

For the best results from your solar system in winter, you should schedule when you are going to use your appliances and make energy-saving swaps. Here are some quick tips to extend your winter solar power:

  • Consider using home appliances only during daylight hours, if possible.
  • Run your high-energy appliances like dishwashers and washing machines only on sunny days.
  • Change high-wattage lights to warm white LED lights to save energy.
  • Consider swapping appliances to ones with good energy ratings.

Invest in a solar battery.

During wintertime, you’ll still have many days where the sky is clear and the sun is shining. When these days do occur, storing the energy could be extremely beneficial – especially for those living in places where consecutive cloudy days are common in winter. Purchasing a solar system and battery together or adding a battery to your current system can extend electricity into the evenings in winter.

Start Saving With Solar Power Today

Our team is committed to helping Australian families discover the benefits of solar power for their homes, even during winter. If you are interested in installing a system in your home or are looking for additional details on how you can save money on your electricity bills

While solar panels are becoming a more common method of producing energy for Australian homes, solar batteries are still a relatively new technology in renewable energy. Even so, more and more people are adding solar batteries to their solar systems for the incredible benefits that they provide.

If you are interested in learning more about solar energy batteries, we have you covered. Here’s a breakdown of how solar batteries work and the benefits they offer homeowners.

What Are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries work in tandem with your solar panels to power your home, even during early morning, and evening hours, or during emergencies. To sum it up, solar batteries allow power generated by your solar panels to be stored for later use.

If you currently have solar panels installed without a battery, the excess electricity that your panels produce is sent back to the grid. But if you introduce a battery, you will be able to keep this electricity for yourself to use when you need it most.

Can I Install A Solar Battery To My System Later?

Solar Batteries

If you haven’t already installed a solar system, you are in the perfect place to add panels and a battery at the same time for the most seamless process. For those who already installed a solar system, solar batteries can still be added at a later time.

The difficulty of adding a battery will depend on your current system and how it was set up to function. An experienced solar power installation company like Solar Service Group can advise you on the best course of action for adding a solar battery to your specific system.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Solar Battery?

You’ll be making the most of your solar power.

With a standard solar setup, if your solar panels happen to not draw enough energy on any given day, your home will switch back to the grid to generate power – which costs money. With a battery installed, you can avoid having to rely on the grid by instead using the excess power that your system had produced at an earlier date.

You can also store your solar power versus sending it back to the grid with a solar battery installed for your home. This gives you more control over your solar power and where and how your excess power is used.

You’ll have emergency security.

In the event of a black-out, your solar battery will give you peace of mind that you can use stored power to keep the lights on in your home. This is especially important for Australians who live in areas where the grid is notorious for being unstable.

Without a battery, your solar system may not have produced enough power to last for however long the grid is down, which can be days or weeks in extreme situations. With a battery installed, you will have greater energy security and power the necessary parts of your home when needed.

You can further reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the main reasons that people install solar systems in their homes is to reduce their environmental impact. However, if your solar system for whatever reason didn’t produce the energy to power your home into the evening, you still have to pull energy from the grid.

Since this energy is produced from fossil fuels, your home will be powered by energy that is damaging to the environment. Instead, with a solar battery, you can power your home with clean energy, maintaining your smaller carbon footprint.

Your electricity bills will cost less.

If your reason for installing solar panels was to save money on electrical bills, a solar battery can add to that investment. If you installed a solar system years ago, you may have disregarded a solar battery due to its high cost, but the cost of batteries keeps on dropping, and the long-term savings that can provide can be worth this initial fee.

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At SmartTech, we want to make sure that our customers are getting the most out of their solar systems. If you are considering installing a solar battery to your existing system or want more information on purchasing both at the same time, our team is here to help. We can happily answer any questions you may have about solar batteries and help you choose the right one for your home.


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The Lichen mold on these panels comes from algae growth and once it starts growing on your solar panels, it can quickly start to create hard shading on the panels. This will effectively reduce your output and create damaging hotspots on the product itself. To learn more, download our free eBook: “7 Ways to Avoid a Solar Disaster with No One Left to Call” ~

Are you tired of expensive electricity bills and looking for a reliable and effective solution for that? Or maybe you are worried about increasing taxes on energy resources and want to have a renewable source of energy for your business. If so, stop struggling because we are here to give you a detailed account of your ultimate solution, solar panel installation. So, let’s get started!

Commercial Solar Systems – A Quick Rundown

A solar panel, also known as an electric panel or photovoltaic module, is a device that converts light energy from the sun into electricity that can be used as a power load. A solar panel has a collection of multiple photovoltaic cells spread all over its surface. These cells capture the photons that are renewable energy resources and convert them into electricity.

4 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Panels

1. Size of the Panels:

The measurement of the panels is an essential feature that solely depends upon two factors; your roof size and sunlight angles. Your roof size will determine how many panels can be laid on your roof, this has implications for the amount of solar power that can be generated. The angle of sunlight in relation to your solar panels is critical as this will affect the panels. efficiency and capacity for energy generation. Users in Australia, for example, with southern hemispheres, should position their solar panels to face north for optimal performance.

2. Optimum Efficiency Of The Panels:

Optimum efficiency refers to the capability of solar panels to capture and convert solar energy from sunlight into a usable power resource. A good solar panel will not only charge your batteries faster but will also save you money on your electricity bills. But how do you know how effective your solar panels are? A panel’s average efficiency should sit between 15 to 16%. If a panel’s average efficiency is between the range of 17-19%, this is considered to be above average. Should a panel have an average efficiency of over 20%, this is considered outstanding.

3. Durability of the Panels

The durability of panels matters the most, especially in locations with extreme climatic conditions like Australia, where windy and stormy rain rule throughout the year. At the time of solar installation, ensure they are resistant to strong winds and have hail protection so that you won’t require maintenance or replacement of the panels too often.

4. The Warranty Period Of Panels:

Make sure your solar panels cover a more extended warranty period for any possible damage, repair, or replacement. Not only for the maintenance and replacement, but the solar panel’s warranty also covers the efficiency ratios of the panels, so if they are not fully functioning, the company will fix the problem.

Things You Need To Know Before Installing Commercial Solar:

Roof Suitability for Commercial Solar Installation

Not every roof or location is suitable for solar installation, especially if you have a shared commercial space or are renting a place and don’t have the authority to permanently change it. Moreover, not every roof can receive photovoltaic effects or bear the weight of the panels. And if the roof is covered with trees or shades, it will eventually affect your panel’s efficiency. Consult a qualified solar panel expert before purchasing the solar panels, and let them inspect your roof first to ensure your investment will be worthwhile.

Solar Panels Working Efficiency

The biggest reason a company installs solar panels is to get a reliable and long-term solution to rising electricity rates. Besides natural disasters and extreme weather, many other reasons can affect your solar panels. working capabilities. In such cases, ensure that your panels? the warranty covers multiple kinds of damage and repairs as well as replacement policies.

Licensed And Expert Solar Panel Installation Companies

Commercial solar installation is certainly not a small investment, so get the services from a licensed and expert installer to get your money’s worth. An experienced solar installer will guide you through the process, from measuring your roof to installing batteries and inverters in a cost-effective manner.

In short, a solar panel installation is undoubtedly not an easy task, and if you don’t want your money and efforts to go to waste, choose a licensed expert and experienced installers like Solar Services Guys for your solar planning. Solar Service Guys have a long history of serving customers and providing them with the best solar installation services in a timely and reliable manner.

So, if you are still looking for solar installation sunshine coast services, schedule your consultation now!