SmartTech Security is expert in providing CCTV Installation across a diverse range of premises.  From Single-Storey homes to Corporate Offices, Warehouses, Commercial properties, and enterprises, SmartTech specializes in CCTV Installation across all suburbs, and cities in Zimbabwe.

It’s inevitable: criminal activities can take place at your home or at the office whether you’re there or not. Of course, you can’t be there 24/7 and you can’t keep an eye on everything all the time. But a CCTV security system can be an ideal solution. A CCTV installation will allow you to remotely view full HD feeds of your property, giving you peace of mind that your home or business is secure.

We use modern technology to your benefit, so you can know exactly what’s going on at any time of the day. Partner with us and we’ll provide quality CCTV camera installation that will give you crystal clear images up to 4K. It will be like you’re on-site, everywhere all the time.

You can’t go wrong with a CCTV home security camera installation by skilled experts at SmartTech.

Why Pick CCTV Security? Because it Works

Yes, this solution works for residential and commercial properties. The visible presence of a CCTV security system can deter criminal activities from happening in the first place. You can minimize theft by adding a security camera installation to your office or warehouse and in the event of a workplace injury, you will have evidence you can present to WorkSafe.

Our CCTV installations even work at night because of IR night vision. In complete darkness, you’ll still get quality recordings of objects up to 100m away from the camera. Thanks to night vision, you can check on your property at any time of the day or night.

These security camera systems can offer practical ways of keeping an eye on your pets when you’re not at home or your children when they’re playing in another room. You can even see who is at the front door before opening your home to a stranger. A CCTV installation can be utilized in multiple ways to enhance security for you, your family, and your employees.

21st Century Technology at Your Service

We source the best cameras and components in the industry to create high-quality systems. With a combination of camera types and other technology, we can create full fields of view and record footage of all activities in a given room or outdoor area. Tech features include:

  • Quality video formats
  • Tamper-proof cameras
  • Up to 4K UHD cameras
  • Weatherproof systems
  • Cameras can be motion-activated or recorded continuously

Protect What’s Most Important to You With Home Security Cameras

Your home should be a safe space for you and your family. Intrusion from criminals and unwanted individuals can shatter this sense of security instantly. Adding a home security camera system to your residence can help alleviate the fear of unauthorized individuals on the property, deter criminal activity from occurring, and catch any criminals in the act. Our cameras can create full fields of view and feature night vision so that you can check on your property at any time of the day or night.

Our home security camera systems come with an integrated app that sends alerts to your mobile device when the camera’s motion sensors are activated by suspicious activity. This is particularly useful for checking on your residence when you are away, providing your safe haven with security even when you are not home.


Experts on Your Side

We make sure you’re comfortable with using your new CCTV security system. Our experienced technicians are security licensed and are experts in the security industry with extensive knowledge about CCTV installation. They will determine the best solution and then install the system for you. You will receive training and guidance on how to operate the system, so you get optimal value from it.

Let’s Make it Work for Your Budget

We’ll start off with a site visit and then send you a FREE, no-obligation quote. Our long warranty periods also ensure you get value for your money.

The CCTV market offers many security solutions. Let’s find the best one for you.