Solar Geyser


We provide a same day service for the repair and replacement of solar hot water systems. With over 35 years’ experience, you can be confident that our authorised service representatives can service and repair your hot water system – even if it has long been out of production.

With Zimbabwe's abundant sunshine, it makes excellent sense to get your hot water FREE from the sun. With a solar water heater, you can enjoy significant savings on your energy use . Solar hot water systems use a range of technologies to provide efficient and cost-effective solar water heating solutions for all Zimbabwe's climates.

The most affordable storage battery

A solar water heater works just like a battery, storing energy from the sun in the form of hot water, ready for use at a later time. It is the first solar energy storage device. So, like a solar battery, solar hot water captures energy from the sun and stores it for later, but of the two, solar hot water is the more affordable option.