The Solar Servicing Specialists

Professional Solar Panel Servicing In Zimbabwe

Are your solar panels not producing as much electricity as they used to? Has your solar geyser stopped working? Don’t stress: SmartTech is here to help! We have the tools and expertise to install, service and maintain a wide variety of solar products in Zimbabwe including Must, Sunshine and other brands.

Our technicians are fullyqualified to provide solar panel cleaning, fault detection, mechanical repairs and system testing. Dust and other debris will build up on solar panels, impacting their output, so don’t put off having them cleaned.

We will clean and inspect your panels to ensure they produce maximum energy and that no underlying factors will cause an electrical fault.

The Most Common Issues

We Diagnose & Repair

• Faulty inverter
• Faulty panels
• Lack of performance and financial return
• Poor workmanship
• DC Isolators

Cost-Saving Benefits Of

Maintaining Your System

• Longer life for your panels and inverters
• Higher overall energy generation
• More consistent savings
• Fewer call-out fees to fix simple faults and failures that can shut down your system

Our 10 Point Safety Check

  • Check Panels for debris, defects and shading
  • Check all labels are eligible and compliant
  • Check all DC Isolators and connections for water ingress or signs of ageing
  • Check PV array mounting and fixtures are tight
  • Check PV array earthing and earth fault protection system
  • Check connections, integrity of seals, cable entrance, gland, conduit sealing and clamping devices
  • Check for correct operation of switches
  • Measure and ensure open circuit voltages and short circuit currents are within range
  • Conduct Anti-islanding test on Inverter
  • Check and identify items that don’t comply